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artyartartart's Journal

We want art!
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Welcome to the Art lovers community!

This community was created for the people of LJ to share and discuss their favourite paintings and artists.

New members are most welcome, and a little introductory post featuring you favourite painting would be lovely!

Be kind enough to read the rules before joining


1. DO NOT POST YOUR OWN ART HERE Such posts will be deleted by the mods and members who repeatedly disregard this rule and post their own art will be banned. As lovely as your art may be, this community was created so that people could share art by established, well-known artists; artists whose work you may see in museums and galleries.

2. Be nice! People are here to enjoy art, not to be mean. We do realise that you have your own opinions and that you are entitled to them. You are not, however, entitled to meanness. Meanness and drama will not be tolerated.

3. Do not promote in here. There are lots of places you can go to promote your community. If there's an interesting art community that you think the members would appreciate, share it with us, by all means but do it discreetly and perhaps include the work of an artist you enjoy.

4. When Posting paintings and/or large amounts of text, please put them behind an L-J cut. Most people like their Friends Pages, they don't want them to be butchered.

5. Have fun!


Useful places for art-related miscellany

seeking_ophelia For Pre-Raphaelite art
dalinian For Salvador Dali
art_symbolism For Symbolist art
aesthetic_icons For art iconage
Illusions Gallery -Great for Pre-Raphaelites, artist searches and for searching art by theme.
Art Renewal Centre -LOTS of art, also great for artist searches.
Art icons by your loving Mod here and here.

We are a new community, so if you can, promote us in places where you think people would like this kind of place!