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We want art!

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11/30/09 06:53 am - croatoan6000 - New Member :)

Hi Everyone!

I just discovered this lovely community yesterday, and I thought I'd introduce myself. My favourite movement in art is Symbolism, and I recently started a blog on the Decadent movement which has regular discussions of Symbolists, and the more bizarre and disturbing aspects of 19th century art. I've posted a few paintings by some of my favourite artists below the cut.

'The Battle of the Beaux and the Belles' - Aubrey Beardsley
Loads more can be found on my Flickr art stream. Hope to post more soon!

10/29/08 04:50 pm - tiger_tyger - Venus

Photo of Venus from the House of the Marine Venus at Pompeii, by bengal*foam at Flickr.

This painting shows Venus on a half shell with Cupid and a nereid on a dolphin. The Venus is described as having curls, a billowing shawl and golden jewelry. It is on the rear wall of the peristyle.

In the roman single-family domus home (as opposed to an insula or villa) the house was divided into the atrium and peristyle. The peristyle held the private areas of the home and was centered on a colonnaded outdoor area.

12/1/07 03:36 pm - tiger_tyger - Christopher David Ryan


Just stumbled over this piece by Christopher David Ryan and thought I'd share it. I liked the way it was deceptivly simple at first glance yet when you looked at the way the letters were joined together all sorts of posative and negative shapes appeared creating complex subtle patterns.

5/7/07 02:37 pm - pyrophobia - If anyone has ideas...

So I'm currently writing a 4,000 word essay on van Gogh. The topic question is:

"To what extent do Van Gogh's works reflect his mental decline?"

So the paper/essay will be looking at whether his works (probably the later ones) really do reflect his mental decline, or were just influenced by other artists.

Anyone care to give some ideas about where van Gogh picked his 'expressive' influences from?


11/23/06 02:16 am - jonbeinart - NEW beinArt International Surreal Art Collective

The NEW 'beinArt International Surreal Art Collective' can be viewed at http://beinart.org It is still in development, but is fully functional and full of eye candy. Our online gallery features over 180 artists at this stage. It will be integrated with The Surreal & Visionary Art Forum in the near future.

Some of our featured International artists are: Ernst Fuchs, Mark Ryden, Robert Williams, Eli Tiunine, Chet Zar, Peter Gric, Alex Grey, Michael Hussar, Laurie Lipton, Wolfgang Grasse, Victor Safonkin, Terrance Lindall, Jacek Yerka, Naoto Hattori, Oleg Korolev, Daniel Martin Diaz, Maura Holden, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Kris Kuksi, Artur Golacki, Andre Martins De Barros, Andrew Gonzalez, Sergei Aparin, James Sebor, Travis A Louie, Steven Kenny, Carrie Ann Jones Baade, Brigid Marlin, Prof Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Zeljko Djurovic, Peter Hutter, David Stoupakis and many many more.

9/3/06 05:01 pm - ambergold

Discovered a fabulous art site today-The Art Renewal Center.  I'm sure you all have often been on it but this was my first time and I much enjoyed it. They claim to be the world's largest online museum, and I must say I love their layout and the prints are of incredible qualtiy. Found some stunning images...
A preview of  John Godward and of Frederick, Lord Leighton.

Leighton is one of my favorite artists of all time, having produced the masterpiece Painter's Honeymoon(click at your risk, it's very large, the third one above is a smaller version) which is practically a living love poem in shades of warmth and richness and lyricism. I love the way she leans against him and the way his hand is cupped over his. Also the dedication to art which this displays. (Leighton's page on ARC) Godward I just discovered, but he's lovely. May I also mention that I often do art over at my icon journal goldlighticons? I just did two batches based on these and the following paintings. Anyway, other paintings that I liked...

8/26/06 03:20 pm - egalitarianism

Anyone have a larger version of this picture and know who painted it?

8/24/06 03:34 pm - tuuli_chan - Anna Hall - horse art

Today I ran across a Finnish artist called Anna Hall (1961- ) and simply fell in love with her horse paintings...


More behind the cutCollapse )

8/18/06 12:07 am - quitequite - Paul Delaroche

Hello members!

A small note before I get to the paintings.

We've had a few instances of people posting their own art here. The communnity info clearly states that this is against the rules. From the Info page:

"1. DO NOT POST YOUR OWN ART HERE Such posts will be deleted by the mods and members who repeatedly disregard this rule and post their own art will be banned. As lovely as your art may be, this community was created so that people could share art by established, well-known artists; artists whose work you may see in museums and galleries."

Please stick to the rules so that the community can continue to run smoothly and so that we mods don't have to ruffle our pretty little brows.

Now, on to the art of Paul DelarocheCollapse )

6/5/06 11:39 pm - quitequite

Apologies for the delayed update, life has been hectic.

I give thee Caspar David Friedrich; German painter of the Romantic period.

...Collapse )

5/12/06 01:37 am - quitequite

Johannes Vermeer

I'm not sure what astonishes me more about Vermeer's paintings; his attention to detial or the COLOURS!

...Collapse )

These little things (damn you, Imageshack!!!) harldy do the paintings any justice; I strongly reccomend that you take a look at the Jan Vermeer gallery over at ARC to look at the paintings in all their super close-up high-res glory; that way you can really appreciate the minute detail which go into them.

Also, If you're a fan of Girl with a Pearl Earring, this page offers a (very, very, VERY) thorough study of the painting and has some good info on the man himself.

5/10/06 09:07 pm - kakitaki

I found this community two days ago and can`t get enough. I`m just going to do a quick introduction; I`m a highschool student who has never taken a formal art history class, but now I`m really wishing I had. I really hope to find some new paintings and painters; going through the archieves, I already found three paintings I`ve loved for a long time, but never knew who they were by (Waterhouse).  I love anything classical, I have a wonderful obsession with mythology. My favorite painter is Alfons Mucha, who has already been mentioned here, but I cannot get enough of his work in any shape or form. I can`t pick a favorite painting, so here`s one I`d love seeing everyday.


5/4/06 05:36 pm - quitequite - A long awaited update

I shall be around much more often now and we'll have weekly posts from me. Active promoting of our lovely commnity is much encouraged, and I urgeurgeurge all of you many members to keep posting with your favourite art! Let's share, people!

Anyway, down to business:

Franz Von Stuck is said to have been one of Hilter's favourite artists. Von Stuck's art is quite doom-and-gloomy and a lot of his paintings strongly feature religious and mythological figures but its the aesthetics of his paintings that I love most.
Take a look.Collapse )

EDIT: If you liked what you saw, have a gander at this extensive gallery of Von Stuck's art.

2/25/06 02:53 am - quitequite

The gorgeousness that is the art of Gustav Klimt

...Collapse )

2/20/06 12:06 am - mermaidangst - neil folberg

i found this really neat website: http://www.robertkleingallery.com/gallery/folberg

this artist takes photographs that look like famous works of art.

Le Bassin aux nymphéas

neil folberg
japanese footbridge, giverny (which is where a lot of monets paintings were from)

moreCollapse )

2/15/06 10:13 am - __sliver

I am becoming increasingly excited whenever I find a piece of art that makes me gasp in glee. I've had a peek at what other members have posted on this community and some of the work is absolutely exquisite and greatly appeals to me. I thought it was about time I made myself known and gave you a glimpse of some creations that I adore.
Enjoy. :)

Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk - Birds Flying Backwards.
+Collapse )

2/7/06 01:19 am - darklingwoods - Death of Elaine

one of my favorite artists/illustrators Amano http://www.amanosworld.com/ such a stunning blend of Janpanese brush work printmaking and Klimit influence .. just **guh** :)


2/5/06 09:30 pm - quitequite

Well, well, well!

Some of you may remember the first post I made featuring a painting by Carlos Schwabe called The death of the Grave Digger. Well, I'd seen studies of a painting he did called The wave which were so weird and eerie and fascinating and I've finally found all of the studies and the painting itself!

Its quite dark, weird stuff, so it may not be to everyone's taste.

*~♥~*Collapse )

If you have a moment, I'd reccomend looking through this super-duper extensive gallery of Schwabe's work. There's some marvellously strange art in there.

1/31/06 10:39 pm - tuuli_chan - Carl Larsson

Hello, everyone! At the moment I'm in exchange in Sweden, and the other day I happened to see one painting that ringed (quite faintly) some bells in my mind. After a while I finally remembered the artist's name from my Swedish class ages ago - Carl Larsson - and decided that since I'm now in Sweden I should familiarize myself with his art a little better. And after that I thought I might as well share these with you. So here's some examples:

Carl Larsson, 1853–1919Collapse )

1/30/06 12:31 pm - clocksucker

I'm Lynsey :)
I've been a member for a while but never got round to introducing myself.

I'm an artist and absolutely obsessed with art so I love this community!

some paintings I like...Collapse )
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