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New Member :)

Hi Everyone!

I just discovered this lovely community yesterday, and I thought I'd introduce myself. My favourite movement in art is Symbolism, and I recently started a blog on the Decadent movement which has regular discussions of Symbolists, and the more bizarre and disturbing aspects of 19th century art. I've posted a few paintings by some of my favourite artists below the cut.

'The Battle of the Beaux and the Belles' - Aubrey Beardsley

'Dante Drinking From the Waters of the Lethe' - Jean Delville

'The Sacred Wood' - Arnold Bocklin

'Unicorns' - Gustav Moreau

'White Peacocks- - William Degouve de Nuncques

'Field of the Slain' - Evelyn de Morgan

'Love' - Gustav Klimt

'Spleen and the Ideal' - Carlos Schwabe

Loads more can be found on my Flickr art stream. Hope to post more soon!
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