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Discovered a fabulous art site today-The Art Renewal Center.  I'm sure you all have often been on it but this was my first time and I much enjoyed it. They claim to be the world's largest online museum, and I must say I love their layout and the prints are of incredible qualtiy. Found some stunning images...
A preview of  John Godward and of Frederick, Lord Leighton.

Leighton is one of my favorite artists of all time, having produced the masterpiece Painter's Honeymoon(click at your risk, it's very large, the third one above is a smaller version) which is practically a living love poem in shades of warmth and richness and lyricism. I love the way she leans against him and the way his hand is cupped over his. Also the dedication to art which this displays. (Leighton's page on ARC) Godward I just discovered, but he's lovely. May I also mention that I often do art over at my icon journal goldlighticons? I just did two batches based on these and the following paintings. Anyway, other paintings that I liked...

A Classical Beauty, John William Godward, The Bouquet, by John William Godward
Summer Flowers, John William Godward

Assorted Others whom I love
Miranda-the Tempest, by John William Waterhouse

La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Sir Frank Francis Bernard Dicksee

(go here for a larger one-couldn't fit it on lj but absolutely gorgeous)
Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank Dicksee

The Accolade, Edmund Blair Leighton

Raffalea Blanc Romantica:


Crescent Moon, by Montague Dawson

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