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Johannes Vermeer

I'm not sure what astonishes me more about Vermeer's paintings; his attention to detial or the COLOURS!

Woman reading a Letter

Young Woman standing at a Virginal

Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid

Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window

Woman Holding a Balance

Allegory of the Faith

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Young Woman with a Water Jug

The Love Letter

Lady with Her Maidservant Holding a Letter
(Sometimes called Mistress and Maid)

A Lady drinking and A Gentleman

The Art of Painting

These little things (damn you, Imageshack!!!) harldy do the paintings any justice; I strongly reccomend that you take a look at the Jan Vermeer gallery over at ARC to look at the paintings in all their super close-up high-res glory; that way you can really appreciate the minute detail which go into them.

Also, If you're a fan of Girl with a Pearl Earring, this page offers a (very, very, VERY) thorough study of the painting and has some good info on the man himself.
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